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Wednesday, July 08, 2015 05:41PM

Fatherhood can be a hilarious, nerve-wracking, heart-warming, eye-opening journey for new dads.

That’s why a Connecticut father, Peter Fragola, decided to start documenting all the funny things he’s learning along the way.

Using the name, Carmine, Peter started a daddy blog titled: ‘Sorry Son: Chronicles of a New Dad.’

One of our favorite entries involved Peter’s idea to get a feel for the nervousness, excitement, and determination it takes for his 13-month-old, Jackson, to learn to walk…. by learning to walk on stilts.

At first, it seemed like Peter had it down as he took slow, wobbly steps with a little help from a friend.

But that was soon followed up with a little reality check.

Watch what happened when he got too confident and decided to let go of his friend’s hands

Not as easy as it looks!

Luckily, Peter says his little boy has a better sense of balance than his father as he learns to maneuver through the world.

And now his dad has a better sense of the pain of learning to walk again.

You can check out more of Peter’s musings on the world of fatherhood by clicking on the link below:


The last 24 hours have been a whirlwind (I’ve always wanted to call something a whirlwing, it sounds very Casablanca… very Sleepless in Seattle). A few tweets, a few emails and a phone call and all of a sudden Chronicles of a New Dad is featured on ABC News at 4. Crazy to think how far the blog has come since that faithful day in late April 2014. From a pregnancy selfie to the nightly news!

We here at CND want to thank everyone who has read, liked, shared and commented on the blog over the past 14 months. Thanks for visiting and we hope you keep coming back to read about the events that make us laugh and cry day after day.


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