Weird is the New Normal


Like father, like son

Being a parent is so interesting. I consider myself one of the weirdest people I know… besides my group of friends… Between Miguel, Adam, Eli and especially the oddest one of them all RFizzle you would expect nothing would be able surprise me anymore.

We’ve dealt with a variety of odd situations… Cambodian cages, mini golf swimming hole, grenade whistles, randomly yelling, “LET’S STAY FOCUSED HERE!”  Then there was a bunch of crazy Santa’s taking over Danbury…  somewhere in there was a friend getting yelled at for not being able work their cell phone and a few of us being scolded by Kimbo Slice.  I actually witnessed someone pay for a round of drinks in pennies… his response…”Isn’t this AMERICA?!!!”  Its evident that the people I associate with should have prepared me for the things I would witness, hear and say now that I am a parent.  

 Yet, I still sit here today in awe of the things that I find myself involved with when it comes to this kid… this wonderful, amazing and just plain weird kid!  I find myself witnessing things that I know no other human being has witnessed before; I also find myself saying things out loud and then thinking to myself, “I cant believe I just said that to another member of my own species.

The other day I watched my son, walk waddle as quickly as his knobby little knees would take him over to Buster.  It was as close to a run as a wobbly one year old can get.  Then I watched in horror as he took a full on swan dive on top of the dog.  I am talking a dive that would have won him a drunk belly flop contest at any Sandals Resort in the world!  As he turned slowly a smile formed and at the corners of his lips a witnessed a little drool form and then fall on poor Buster’s head.  An absolutely aggressive move.  Not even so much the long jump knocking all the air from Buster’s little puppy lungs, but the drool.  Nothing says I own you more than getting your saliva on someone.  Spitting is disrespectful and hateful, but drooling on them says “I OWN YOU!”

Last night I found myself saying, and I quote: “Jackson, DO NOT try to balance your sippy cup in between your chest and the coffee table!  Jackson… DO NOT WALK AROUND THE COFFEE TABLE WITH THE SIPPY CUP BALANCED BETWEEN YOUR CHEST AND THE COFFEE TABLE!”  How did my brain even formulate this sentence… how did my mouth even form the letters needed to sound this sentence out? Just picturing a half naked baby with his little chubby arms in the air as he navigates his way around the coffee table in a death-defying feat of balance.  Smile as big as the Grand Canyon, giggling like a school girl and just as carefree as lion in the Serengeti.

I’ve witnessed many weird things in my life, hell I’ve done many things in my life that you would categorize as weird.  Which is expected with the company I keep.     


Emma and Jax

 Sunny days on B-Run used to be filled with solo cups and whiffle balls.  It was all about single friends finding summer love (if only for a night).  I loved those nights.  I loved those weekends.  Reminiscing is good, it’s an effective way to put a smile on your face.

Then again, living in the past is not an effective way to enjoy the amazing things you have in your life now (unless you are a former hurdle champion… then its ok to occasionally include the past in your daily day dreams).

This past weekend lacked the solo cups and whiffle balls, it lacked tons of people and a bunch of people crashing on the basement couch/floor.  But it did include great friends and time to relax from the craziness of what is everyday life.

It’s nice to be able to spend some time relaxing with people you enjoy being around… grilling up some sausage patties and then falling asleep with a chocolate cannoli beer on your chest.

I’m more happy that Jax and Emma get along so well!



Birthday Thanks

I have never been a huge fan of birthdays.  I’m just not someone who enjoys he spotlight or wants to draw attention to mysel…… hahhahahaa I almost got through that with out laughing out loud.   

I wanted to share some of my more enjoyable birthday wishes…   

pretty much sums me up


it’s like looking into a mirror


Facebook is basically my calandet


Who needs enemies wwhen you have friends like this


This would be awesome ##DeathEatersAsClowns #IHateClowns


Gotta love family


Birthdays used to be about me… Not that I ever really was all about birthdays anyway.  But, years ago I only had to share my bday with Kate Upton and Judy Garland and that C- minus comedian Bill Burr (kidding Burr is freaking hilarious).  

Now, my birthday is another day I get to spend with this little weirdo:  


In all reality… This is all I need for my birthday:  

Old School Truck Bed Sheets

Busy weekend so far:

¨Harry do you know why I love Sundays?” 

“No post on Sundays…”


This kid has more friends at one than his mother and I combined!


Typical little boy… Loved playing with all the trucks at the “Touch a Truck”  event.   



Speaking of trucks… Did anyone else have those old school truck bed sheets when they were a toddler?  The trucks looked like block trucks (not sure if that’s a technical term or not, but I’m pretty sure it is).  

I need to find those sheets for sale somewhere. It is a rite of passage for all little boys to have at least one set of truck sheets and I need Jax to own these particular truck sheets… Keep an eye for us will ya?!!???

The King and Queen of Westeros, CT

What kind of father sets their kid up on blind dates at a year old?  Are arranged marriages even still a part of today’s day to day society?  If so… then PHEW!  

We don’t live in Westeros and the closest thing to an Iron Throne that I sit on is in my bathroom… But lately I feel like everyone is trying to call dibs on Jackson for their duaghters!

Since the day Jax was born I feel like  all he does is become friends with as many little ladies as possible.  Just look at the list, 90% of our friends had daughters.  

Jax got a chance to meet another future wife option last night.  Luna tr little nugget was born last month to great friends Jay and Brea.  The introduction was typical of a first date and women in general… Luna wasn’t ready (relax I’m kidding… Sort of!).  As a matter of fact she was still sleeping!  

It’s always a lot of fun attempting to get a six week old and one year old to play together.  Jax was happy rolling around on the exercise ball while Luna napped.  (We also found out Jax likes eating gloves!)

Who knows maybe years from now Luna and Jax will wind up ruling the Seven Kingdoms.  I guess we’ll have to wait and see.  (Although, if that does happen I call dibs on the Lannister fortune!)



A Game Changer

What happens when you get two of the funniest people in the world in the same room at the same time? Hilariousness happens that’s what.

Quotes of the century were being thrown around like they were going out of style:

-“Pete you’re like Snow White with kids instead of animals.”

-“I’m sort of like catnip for kids.”

-“Get off him, that’s not right.”

“Having two kids is a game changer guys… a game changer.”

-“You guys are gonna be real sad when I publish my cook book.”

-“Next time Laura and I will talk recipes and you two can go play in the pool.”

-“One is tough, but two… there are times I don’t even know what day it is.”

-“I really should wake him up from his nap right now, but I’m not sure I want what comes with two of them running around.”

Great night, great food, great friends, even better laughs!