Illegal Apples and the One-Eyed Horse

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Whenever Staci Miller (from Staci Miller Photography) and the Fragola’s get together it there is a whirlwind of mayhem, a tornado of destruction and whole ton of amazing pictures!!!  This photo shoot was no different.  We had rotten apples being tossed around like a football, the Apple Orchard Police Department putting an APB on our lovely photographer and a horse who now looks like a pirate as a result of an inquisitive three and a half year old.

You know its going to be interesting when your day starts out with statements such as, “Please do not have your child ride in the apple cart, it is for apples not children,” and, “Watch your back and let me know if you see anyone looking out at us from the barn windows.”  Apparently, photographs (the simple process and practice, which has been around for almost 200 years, the word “photograph” was coined in 1839 by Sir John Herschel, is not something to take lightly upon entering a family friendly apple orchard.  But when you have an expert at snapping little children who smile for all of about 13 nanoseconds at a time, getting photos and getting out is not an issue.

There were some awkward moments and there were some priceless ones as well, with the low light coming when Jackson (by accident) poked the first horse he’s ever seen in person in the eye.  I mean like really jabbed it in there!  Surprisingly, Jackson didn’t get kicked into orbit, but there is a good chance that horse is now wearing an eye patch.  All in all, another successful day with Staci Miller Photography!

DISCLAIMER: “No Animals Were Harmed in the Making of this Blog” 

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