My Kids > OCD (Only on December 26th)

Every toy has been unwrapped, opened, put together, had batteries installed and played with. Now to shove them in a corner so the boys can play with the toys Jackson got for his first birthday three years ago. Matching outfits are packed away never to be seen again until the above picture comes out at some holiday get together 20 years from now.

Elfie has returned to the North Pole… (thank god)!!! Santa has come and gone and in his wake is enough cardboard and wrapping paper to pollute the Mississippi River (I still can’t spell without that little tune we learned in third grade). Only one wine glass was broken yet somehow 30 more boxes of decorations than we owned last year seem to have made their way into the attic.

I’ve written about this before, but I still contend that the day after Christmas (especially for someone with OCD) is the worst “day after holiday” of the year. Yea, I know what I’m saying… I was up all night and celebrated a Packers Super Bowl win just a few years ago and had to get up early the next day for work, but that was a joyous wake up… my team won the Super Bowl, so who cares about that day after… I get it… but for me the day after XMAS has always been a disaster.

However, this year… I tried to let it go as best as I could. I let stuff stay out, I didn’t pack up ornaments or the garland on the mantle. the leftovers weren’t nearly packed in separate Tupperware (yup… that’s right, I just covered them with tinfoil). I allows my children to play with their toys and didn’t even make them put one away before playing with another. I sat comfortably while a fire burned warmly in the fireplace, and enjoyed watching my two little boys play together with all the new toys Santa left them the day before.

This Christmas was about them… not me… not anyone… just them… and I enjoyed that much more than a day of OCD controlled cleaning and organizing like I usually do on December 26th… (at least for today).

Eight Months

Stop me if you’ve heard this before, but it feels like just yesterday that this little chunk was born. A lot can happen in eight months… when you take a step back and think about that amount of time in a vacuum it seems like forever, but in this case eight months have flown by. 

  • Weight: large watermelon 
  • Length: second notch on his walker-car
  • Eating pasta, pizza crust, apples and bread
  • Crawling 
  • First Haircut
  • Loves playing w his colored cup-stackers 
  • Enjoys watching the dogs run and around and play
  • Stops crying when Jackson sings “Rock-A-Bye Baby” to him
  • Watched his first regular season Green Bay Packers game (9.10.17- SEA 9 – GB 17)
  • Became a cousin for the first time (to baby Dominic)
  • Loves to laugh

Oliver Potter and the Staci Miller Newborn Photos

I’m not sure if i have a writing style… if you had to narrow it down I know a few people might say my style is “grammatically horrible,” or “not really funny”… something like that. First Person Narrative… I guess that’s the closest you can get to narrowing down the writing. I mean the blog is titled Chronicles of a New Dad… I’d like to think I’ve Chronicled my perspective on having kids in a unique way.

But, today… I’ve decide to change it up a bit… I needed to tell someone thanks. Thanks for quite a bit actually. So I’m changing things up a little bit and am going writing letter style.

Dear Staci Miller (Photography),

It’s been almost three years since you came into our life… expensive Nikon camera, gorgeous props and the patience of a saint. Yes, early on in our relationship you had a different name… Pink Elephant… different but still amazing. And that’s just it… i needed to thank you for bringing amazing to life.

Not many people can take the thoughts that swim around in this weird brain of mine… take those abstract ideas and make them concrete. You’ve successfully, in essence, painting the pictures of my mind and put them on canvas. You’re an artist with a flash and lost of fluorescent lighting.

The thing is, that’s not even what makes these pictures a masterpiece. It’s the fact that you have to deal with me… a hyper… anxiety riddled parent who is obsessed with details. I’m the Jack Nicholson (As Good As It Gets Nicholson) of parenting during new born photos. OCD to the max.

You’ve taken photos of a wizards hat and wand… you successfully posed an infant on a giant piece of cheese and most impressive of all captured numerous shots while getting peed on. It’s impressive to say the least.

There was the time at the barn where Jackson got bit by a rooster, the time where we got you caught up in a beach wedding with Miller Highlife cans in the background, the session where I made you take pictures of my sons butt and the time my pants were too tight to help hold Oliver’s head up. I admit to ruining quite the few “perfect shots.”

You took pictures while my son puked on your floor, peed on your brand new background and shattered glass Christmas ornaments (ok the ornaments were my fault… and I may have eaten a few cheese sticks out of your fridge, but you catch my drift… we’re not easy subjects to photograph.

But that all pales in comparison to the latest sitcom-like experience. You know the one where I made you snap photos of my son inside a flower pot while he was screaming (purposefully making him cry, because that’s what Mandrakes do in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets… (which by the way is my least favorite book and movie).

You did it all with a smile on your face and 85mm – 135mm lens in your hand (is that a real thing I know nothing about cameras?). You always welcomed us in your home, or your studio or some random farm, which if I were you I’d suggest every time since then Jackson can’t eat all your cookies and string cheese.

And for some reason you keep having us back and the pictures get better each time we do. For that… I thank you… from the bottom of my Harry Potter loving heart.

And then the unprofessional, I should have been helping instead of sneaking pictures w my iPhone, pictures:


Here is the link to Jackson’s newborn photos:

New Year’s Eve

If you know me, you know I’m far from a Debbie Downer. I’m usually the life of the party, the one with the grand plans for a great time… yes I’m a pessimist by heart, but deep down I know things always seem to find a way to work themselves out (for the most part). I live in some sort of reverse psychology universe. Yet for some reason, the “holiday” that is supposed to be about eternal positivity, new outlooks and second chances makes me want to barf. 

I have so many amazing things to be grateful for over the past year. Although it’s brought many hardships, scary truths and countless trips to the hospital and cemetery, I’ve also seen my son grow into an amazing little boy… so full of life and happiness. It’s hard to have a negative outlook when you constantly hear the cutest little laugh known to man. It’s also easy to be grateful when you love what you do. They say if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life. I feel that way each and every morning I’m driving to my new job. 

Yet, even with all that… I still hate New Year’s Eve. Maybe it’s because I’ve spent my entire life as an educator and to me and the real New year starts in September and ends in June. I guess it’s possible that it’s because of the insane amount of people who forget the damn apostrophe on “Year.” It’s New Year’s Eve. Even my first graders know that! Or maybe I’m just a New Year Scrooge.

I’m not glad 2016 is over, nor do I care that 2017 is here. If New Year’s Eve 2016 is like any other night I’ve experienced lately, especially now that I’m a parent, I’ll be in bed by 8:30. Here’s hoping everyone just does their own thing this year or month or whenever. Whatever you do… I’ll be over here doing me or at least doing what the little guy wants to do! 

PS: Hey 2017, bring me a Packers Super Bowl victory and I’ll quickly change my tune. ❤

The “FROZEN” Tundra of Green Bay

As I sit here drinking my Luke warm coffee in my sleeveless packers tshirt, the pure delight like that of a kid on Christmas morning… For the greatest day of the year has finally arrived… It’s opening day… It’s GAME DAY… It’s the Packers first football game of the season today.  

Yet I can’t quite connect with my feelings. There’s something I can’t quite put my finger on… I should be Marching Parade around the house happy… In my Aaron Rodgers jersey doing push- ups on the back porch happy… Yelling “Go Pack Go” for all of the neighborhood to hear happy!!! But I just can’t get in the mood for some reason…

As I sit here writing and thinking and reflecting Jackson is chanting “FroFro” as the DVD ends… AGAIN. Because of that I have to go restart Frozen for the 7,853rd time today. Hang on… That’s it… Is that the reason it doesn’t feel like football yet? Because I’m watching an animated Disney movie on repeat?  

There has to be some sort of connection here. There’s no way my son… The son of a Green Bay Packers Owner, the same kid who knows no letters EXCEPT the letter “G”… Would choose Frozen over the NFL’s opening day. The Packers opening game. 


… That’s it… This kid is a genius! Hit play on that DVD kid it’s time for some football!


2014: A Year in Review

I guess the first thing we can all admit is if it weren’t for the Jackson this blog wouldn’t exist.  There isn’t a doubt that he is the greatest thing to happen to me and Steph… both this year and in our lives.  (Although catching Jordy Nelson in the end zone during a Lambeau Leap is a pretty close second… see below even though it wasn’t this year).

We’ve had some highs and lows this year… as Im sure everyone has, but I wanted to take a moment to reflect on an amazing year:

January:  We had just found out we were having a boy and “revealed” it to everyone via a (step’s idea) cake with blue filling.  January become the month when are credit card bills skyrocketed due to the insane amount of boy’s clothing and room decor that began to fill the empty nursery.

February:  Valentine’s day and Steph’s birthday along with an expecting baby can be a challenge for any guy.  Im no different.  I struggled to balance the amount of power that was seemingly shifting from slightly in favor of Steph to completely in favor or Steph.  February usually belongs to the ladies… add in the fact that Steph celebrates a birthday MONTH and you’re going to have some issues.  Top that all with a mom who is expecting her first child, and I might as well have just thrown in the towel.  Luckily, Steph is the kind of girl who doesn’t like to be spoiled (HAHAHA).  But in all reality she deserves it and she actually was pretty well behaved the entire month!

March:  We were coming down to the final months of Married WithOUT Children.  Steph and I attempted to keep things relatively normal.  As normal as possible with a nursery that was being completely rebuilt (a nursery which we were not allowed to see until completion in April, a nursery which had new locks).

April:  Pretty uneventful month if I do say so myself… well I guess uneventful if you don’t count the nursery being completed (it was amazing, Chronicles of a New Dad blog debuted in its earliest form on Tumblr… and ohh yea… a baby being born.  Jax came two weeks early which is surprising considering his parents are never on time for ANYTHING, let alone early.

May:  Paturnity leave is non-existent, so good thing I never use sick days.  I had enough to take almost two weeks to not sleep, change tar-like poopie diapers, get peed on, not sleep, get puked on, enjoy every second of our new baby boy.  Buster and Max were still not totally sure what this little thing was that moved into their house, but eventually warmed up to him!

June:  Jax got his Hogwarts acceptance letter and I literally cried with happiness and joy at the sight of his Hogwarts Express ticket.  I also had a birthday somewhere in there, I just don’t remember it, I was never a big birthday guy… but this one is where I started to realize, I was no longer the center of attention in a room anymore.  Hugh Hefner’s wife started following the blog on twitter… interesting.

July:  Jax first time in the pool (crying), Jax first time on a boat (crying) and his first vacation (crying)… actually, I think the only one he really cried during was the pool… and that’s fine for me because I hate the pool too.  This was also the month the blog started to gain some attention.  Parent Magazine retweeted and favored some of the blog entries I posted up to twitter.  Huffington Post Parents also followed our antics.

August:  Our Anniversary, Jax first solid food, fantasy football draft, preseason football with the Packers, and I think we started to perfect our BATH, BOOK, BED nighttime routine.

September: Jax and his Godparents were blessed at his baptism. This was the first time the WHOLE family got together. It truly is amazing how a baby brings everyone closer. We also got to go to Yankee Stadium for his first baseball game… as an added bonus he’ll be able to say he saw Derek Jeter play before he retired.

October:  October was a great month, between Halloween and the craziness of being back into the swing of things for another school year I feel there was hardly time to breathe.  Then there was the blog… the traffic the blog was generating during October was tremendous.  Between the posts about Ebola (, Hip Hop Advice (, and about how life has changed since Jax came along ( and ( I began to toy with the idea of moving the blog to my own site.  Wordpress was perfect for what I was looking for and Chronicles of a New Dad found a permanent home.

November:  November brought Thanksgiving… what more could I be thankful for?  I have an amazing and beautiful wife and the coolest son in the world!  i was on cloud nine (I also started a new job at a new school and am so happy with where I am).  The only thing that could improve my spirits was hanging out with a famous Hall of Fame Baseball player… my idol… Rickey Henderson…  Ohh yea no big deal, Rickey and Jax are now BFFs.

December:  December is always one of my favorite months.  I hate the snow and the cold, but I love the time to reflect, to sit in front of the Christmas tree with some old school Christmas carols on and think about how lucky I have been over the past 12 months.  Steph, Jax and I got to hang out with our favorite photographers at Pink Elephant Photography again for a fun filled shoot, Jax met Santa, Max and Buster ALMOST got their wish of eating the mailman and the blog was generating over 2000 hits and gaining followers.  I was also selected as the Featured Blogger of the Month on the Love all Dads website (

This year has been great.  I’m looking forward to growth and maturity levels developing (Jackson’s growth and maturity develop as well).  Im looking forward to the development of the blog and hope that you all stay with us on the journey… but most importantly I’m looking forward to spending each moment with my family!

Expect our New Year’s Resolutions to be up tomorrow morning!





Jordy Nelson and the Lambeau Leap