Who Am I?

Peter is a new dad who tries not to screw things up.  I started this blog to record my daily thoughts, actions and antics as a new dad. I work in the education realm and usually prefer to keep a little bit of anonymity, well at least until I started this blog.  I don’t go at this alone… I’m lucky because I have an amazing cast of characters who are part of all this craziness that is parenting.

Here’s the thing about me… I’ve worked with children my whole life, in fact I have two master’s degrees in the area of elementary education and leadership… but until April 27th, 2014… my interaction with children was always work related… teaching, administration, etc… now… I have my own.

I started this blog because I wanted to record all the idiotic things I do as a New Dad an easy way to keep track of my little one growing up.  The blog has slowly evolved over time and become a little more than a daily recording of funny antics.  There are some entries that allow me to tell my son how much I love him… and some entries that allow me to apologize.  But mostly, it’s about sharing the things that most dads, most parents at that, feel but never say out loud.

I am Peter and this is my life as a (somewhat) new dad.



Top Ten Things I’m Embarrassed to Admit

            (but feel you should know)

10. I have an armful of Harry Potter tattoos ⚡️

9.   I still collect baseball cards

8.   I cried a little bit when Mufasa died (Shut up, everyone does)

7.   At one point I thought I would be a “professional” comedian (unfortunately, the only people who laugh at my jokes are… me… and my son.)

6.   I have more sneakers/shoes than most ladies do.

5.   I hate when restaurants use odd pictures or terms instead of words to identify the Mens/Womens Room (mostly because I wind up highly confused)

4.    EVERY.SINGLE.TIME I am in the ocean I am confident I am going to get eaten by a shark

3.    If we play a round of golf, you can be assured my score is NOT accurate

2.    I think my sons farting is the coolest thing ever

1.    I have a fake tooth (I wish it was a cool story, but it was knocked out in tryouts for a semi-pro football team)


Characters in our Story

I thought it might be important for you to meet some of the key players in Jackson and Oliver’s life.  Each of these people contribute to their growth and development in some way and since they are referenced quite often in the blog, it’s imperative you know who they are!

The Mom: Stephanie


Mommy and her little twinIMG_8098

Mother of three years, quotable for her entire life.  Never thought I’d meet anyone who could put up with me for more than a few days at a time.  Yet, Stephanie is still here and doesn’t seem to mind me one bit (although I’m sure her ignoring skills have improved drastically since we first met.)

The Autie: Auntie Tricia


He clearly learned that look from her

Godmother and Helicopter Aunt, buyer of clothes, toys, bibs, games, books and anything else that has been labeled “Ages 0 – 12 Months.”  Aunt has been used as a babysitter, a dogsitter, a nurse, a cleaning lady, a chef and diaper changer, a baby toy builder and just about every other job related to Jackson.  Obsession level – Infinity

The Uncle: Vinchenzo

Jax has a thing for gigantic noses

Jax has a thing for gigantic noses

Vinny is a techie and enjoys asking if Jackson has installed iOS 8 on his new V-Tech cell phone yet.  (No he hasn’t, he downloaded too many apps and doesn’t have enough space left).  He is also responsible for buying Jax his first laptop and then quickly asking if he should install anti-virus software on it.


The Grandma: Mima


Mima has tried to sneak Jax out in her purse on numerous occasions

Mima is a collector of all things Jackson… pictures, cards, letters, photos, calendars, old clothes that smell like him, etc.  Mima enjoys spoiling Jax rotten, taking him for walks around the block (which goes in a large circle around the neighborhood, but while she gets lost in every time they go out together… I think its planned).


The Grandpa: Grandpa Pete

"Gimmie that mustache!"

“Gimmie that mustache!”

Grandpa Pete works 397 days a year.  He travels almost as much as a nomad and does most of his Jax time through FaceTime, Instagram and Facebook.  He is famous for his mustache (see November Post: https://newdadchronicles.wordpress.com/2014/11/14/movember/).  Jackson is obsessed with said mustache and enjoys yanking on it.


The Grandmother: Grammy


“Grammy can you teach me how to plant a garden? Mom and Dad stink at growing plants!”

Grammy is a full time nanny for the little man. She has set Jackson on a schedule that is not only impressive, but is impossible for his mother and I to keep him on when he is home.  Sample Schedule:

8:45-9:30 Language Development (including Latin, French, Italian and sign language learning)
9:30-10:00 Motor Movements (Cross fit, and marathon training)
10:00-11:00 Algebra
11:00- 11:30 Yoga and Meditation time
11:30-12:00 Lunch
12:00-1:00 Gardening and soil testing
1:00-2:00 Trading Stocks


Grandfather: Grandpa


“What do you mean you eat Nemo?!”

Grandpa Larry is in charge of teaching Jackson the “outdoor life,” mainly because daddy doesn’t like to fish, or camp or hike.  He takes great pride in calling Jackson and talking to him on speakerphone.  He also has some sort of control over Max, one of the only humans to be able to do so.



I have a feeling these two are going to cause a lot of trouble together... You know Jax probably just told her something hilarious!

I have a feeling these two are going to cause a lot of trouble together… You know Jax probably just told her something hilarious!

Jackson’s first friend.  Emma was the first to visit Jax in the hospital and has been smitten with him ever after.  Emma and Jackson share an undying love for Peppa Pig and enjoy face-timing with each other!


Faux Neighbor: Aunt Sue

"No Auntie Sue, I can not get you a glass of wine, I can't even walk yet!"

“No Auntie Sue, I can not get you a glass of wine, I can’t even walk yet!”

I’m pretty sure Neighbor Sue was the first person to see Jackson.  She was the dula… Sula the Dula as she is so lovingly called.  Sue not only kept mommy calm and baby safe during the birth… but she kept daddy from throwing up and passing out!


 The Brothers: Buster and Max


Buster and Max have taught their brother about their favorite past time: Mailman watching!


More protective than a parent and louder than a sonic boom.  Buster and Max loved Jackson and Oliver from the first time they met, at one point or another the four of them have eaten something off the floor .

There are more… MANY MORE people that have influenced Jackson (positive and negative I’m sure)!  I will be updating this page frequently as other people come into his life.

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