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Wednesday, July 08, 2015 05:41PM

Fatherhood can be a hilarious, nerve-wracking, heart-warming, eye-opening journey for new dads.

That’s why a Connecticut father, Peter Fragola, decided to start documenting all the funny things he’s learning along the way.

Using the name, Carmine, Peter started a daddy blog titled: ‘Sorry Son: Chronicles of a New Dad.’

One of our favorite entries involved Peter’s idea to get a feel for the nervousness, excitement, and determination it takes for his 13-month-old, Jackson, to learn to walk…. by learning to walk on stilts.

At first, it seemed like Peter had it down as he took slow, wobbly steps with a little help from a friend.

But that was soon followed up with a little reality check.

Watch what happened when he got too confident and decided to let go of his friend’s hands

Not as easy as it looks!

Luckily, Peter says his little boy has a better sense of balance than his father as he learns to maneuver through the world.

And now his dad has a better sense of the pain of learning to walk again.

You can check out more of Peter’s musings on the world of fatherhood by clicking on the link below:


The last 24 hours have been a whirlwind (I’ve always wanted to call something a whirlwing, it sounds very Casablanca… very Sleepless in Seattle). A few tweets, a few emails and a phone call and all of a sudden Chronicles of a New Dad is featured on ABC News at 4. Crazy to think how far the blog has come since that faithful day in late April 2014. From a pregnancy selfie to the nightly news!

We here at CND want to thank everyone who has read, liked, shared and commented on the blog over the past 14 months. Thanks for visiting and we hope you keep coming back to read about the events that make us laugh and cry day after day.


Almost 500 Views since the news story



A Dad’s First Steps (A Research Article)

These days people are trying to see what it’s like to be someone else… Put on a “fat suit”, be an “undercover boss,” and movie stars study their characters for upcoming roles… Well I think it’s time I did some research for this blog and for parents everywhere.  It’s time to “walk a mile in my son’s shoes.” (I mean that figuratively of course bc I wouldn’t be caught in those Stride Rite’s)

As Jax begins his journey walking I wanted to get a feel for the nervousness, excitement and determination it takes a 13 month old to continue getting up fall after fall. And that I did… 

This is a classic example of a dad trying to be cool. “No, no really I got this… I don’t need any help.” Immediately followed by a fall to my death or worse torn suit pants. There’s no doubting the confidence that was gained from the first two or three successful steps on those stilts. I had confidence coming in waves… only to end in disaster. 

How much would you have paid to be one of the lucky ones to see this clown fall?

Look at some point you have to just realize walking just isn’t for you any more (especially when your on a pair of Oscar Pistorus metal running legs). There are only a finite number of high pressure steps one person can navigate through before succumbing to gravity… and I hit my quota pretty early on.

The look that says, “ohh crap Ijust killed my boss!”

At this point I felt like a horse who just needed to be taken out to pasture and put out of his misery… Please just drop a sheet over me and go on with your day.  

Luckily this kid has a better sense of balance than his father as he learns to maneuver through the world using his new found mode of transportation.  Yes he may look like a drunken sailor and yes he may look like his knees don’t work when he walks… But at least he’s better at it than his dad… And at least now his dad knows the pain of learning to walk again. 

A split for the ages… Glad that hurdling flexibility is still coming in handy.  

He Got Game (Jax’ 1st Steps)

I’m not sure where I want to go with this one.  I could go a few ways… I could talk about how proud i am of my son for taking his first steps… I could talk about how sad I am that I wasnt there… or I could talk about how demanding of a walking coach Uncle Dustin is. Any of the three would accurately describe the video above.  Any of the three would be acceptable.  But if you have been reading this blog for any amount of time you know for a fact I am about to go on a tangent about my damn brother-in-law being a self-serving  communist, militant leader.

Yes I know Jax walked; yes I know that is a gigantic accomplishment. (Also means our lives as we know it are over)… But come on… Walking?  I mean how big of a deal is that?  I walk everyday.  I can walk while I’m half asleep from my bed to the bathroom and back with at least 65% accuracy.  I mean come on everyone walks… Get over it.  (Or cry a little everytime you watch the video like I do).

I’m more concerned right now at the fact that my brother-in-law has turned from a kind hearted uncle into a vicious human being, more concerned with outcomes than with the feelings and well being of his nephew.  I mean did you watch this video? Did you see the pressure he put on my son to do something he was clearly nervous about.  Ridiculous. Completely unnecessary.  Way to demanding.

He Got Game was clearly Dustin’s favorite movie.  He modeled himself after Jesus Shuttlesworth’s dad… Dustin is Denzel, Denzel is Dustin.  All the video above is missing is Uncle Dusty making Jax run suicides in the dark.

Jackson might as well be chasing a chicken in a fenced in parking lot instead of slowly learning how to walk.  Walking you say!?!!  He should be eating lightening and crapping thunder by now.

I guess we should be thankful he is growing up slowly but surely and just sit back and enjoy the process… As long as Uncle Dustin lets us!!!

Here is the whole video of his first steps:

Pure Jealousy 

So this is what the world has become?  Have we permenantly lowered the bar for celebrating our babies in terms of accomplishments?  Every other week I’m on here bragging about how my little man accomplished another amazing feat… Maybe he blinked twice or ate a piece of toast.  I mean is this world we want to raise our kids in?  Where everyone gets a trophy and we’re all are winners!??? Where have I gone wrong?

Jackson stumbling around looking like an old man with a walker and everyone is losing their damn minds over it? I’m to the point where I feel like a baby is the best job on the planet.  Anything they do is billed as the next “moon landing”. Wouldn’t it be nice to get the same treatment as an adult? Wake up and brush your teeth- round of applause… Pour milk in cereal without any spills- freaking standing ovation… Make it to work without a ticket for being on your cell phone (which is actually harder than it seems)- applause, applause, applause.

That’s why being a grown up sucks! You don’t get a trophy every time you fart and cough.  You do what you do because it’s expected.  I’m going on strike until I get an award for everything I do even somewhat successfully.  Don’t bother me until my one year old and I get equal treatment.


Hey Jax, Neil didn’t need a walker to take his first steps.






… I’m so proud of him!!! He’s so close to walking!! 🏃👍