Oliver’s First Fourth Day of Daycare

Lately, Oliver has been floating all over the face of the earth. Just a Nomad living a nomad’s life.

Daycare to daycare.

Teacher to teacher.

Cot to cot.

… until today. Until the day he finally found a place to call home and a cot to call his own. (Don’t get me wrong where he was previously was amazing. They treated him like family. They communicated more than I could ever have imagined and he loved it there). But now… he’s home. He’s the little Italian boy… in the little Italian daycare.

Listen, this ain’t our first rodeo… we’ve been here before. We’ve done the first day of day care thing before. We have this down like clockwork. – Lay out his clothes, pack his lunch, lay out all his extra clothes, bottles, cups, bowls… all packed and ready for transport.

Forms were filled out. Emergency contact list had been updated. We were set… all we needed to do was get the little guy there, drop him off and head to work. All seemed to go according to plan until it was time to leave. The cries filled the room. Panic set in and guilt gripped our hearts. It’s what every parent who drops their child care off at daycare for the first time goes through… and it’s terrible.

The teachers tell you everything is ok and that he’ll be fine… hell I’ve said that to a thousand parents on the first day of school for years. It hurts just as bad each time. But it does get better and it did get better. Ollie turned out to be the star student.

His best subject: NAPPING!

Monsters vs Best Friends

Setting: Jax’ room; 8:00pm

Jax: “Dad a monster might come in the room and eat you up.”

Me: “There aren’t any monsters in here bud.”

Jax: “Yes there are, they like to eat daddys and cell phones.”

Me: “I promise there aren’t any monsters in here bud.”

Jax: “It’s ok dad, Buster is in here. He eats monsters. He jumps off the bed and chases them out and then eats them up. He’s my best friend.”

Goodnight Moon

We moved a few months back and as spring is in full effect and summer is rolling in I’ve noticed that being this close to the water brings with it perpetual daylight.

I feel like we live north of the arctic circle because it’s literally like the land of the midnight sun here. I don’t know if the sun just sets at a completely different time (never)… but trying to convince a toddler it’s bed time when it’s sunnier than high noon is a real challenge.

Jurassic Park

That time my kid was sick and finally stopped screaming when he curled up on the dog bed and fell asleep:

“First you bring this smelly thing home. Then you give him all the attention and love. Now he gets my bed?? Screw this, I’m out!!!” -Max the Dog

Try putting a toddler down on a normal night, let alone on a day when he feels like crap.  It’s literally an impossible task.  I’d rather spend the two hours trying to herd valaceraptors than what I went through getting Jax to bed tonight.  

What i assume putting multiple children to bed would be like.


I’ve been so busy lately that I’m not sure what day it is or what the last blog entry I wrote was about. Between starting up a new school year and being a dad and husband… I’m struggling to keep afloat. But though all this there is one constant… Jax is growing up faster and faster each day.  

Everytime I turn around this kid is doing something amazing. Feeding himself with a spoon (granted he usually launches it across the room after a bite or two), climbing on the couch all by himself or putting on his own shirt (with some help). I can’t help but feel like I’m missing half his life.  

Work, work, work and more work. It’s tough. But I’m trying as hard as I can to make the time I spend with him quality time. Real quality time… Just playing and laughing and asking him questions. 

I want to teach him stuff like how to throw a ball (I’m pretty sure he’s going to be a lefty, which will be nice, because baseball always has room for a lefty pitcher), and also teach him how to be a good person and how to make the right choices.  

Choices are so important and often so difficult… they can have lasting effects on you and others for the rest of time. 

When you get married you think you have the whole decision making thing under control. You think to your self you’ve made decisions on where to get pizza from on a Friday night, or what rugby polo to wear to your ten year high school reunion.  

Things back then were so juvenile and meaningless. You think you have a handle on life, but you don’t. You have no idea what it is to screw up… That is… Until you make a mistake or are responsible for an error…  you’ll never know what making a real tough decision is.  

Early on in my marriage I had a decision to make… A choice… and I screwed it up. Try having to decide on what side of the bed to sleep on. It’s such a HUGE DECISION. This is a completely underrated and unbelievably important decision in every man’s life.  

We have a king bed and I somehow sleep on a 1/16 inch section of mattress each night.  This leads to the fact that I don’t ever have a clear view of the TV no matter how many pillows I put under my head. A little to the left and I have someone’s big toe in the middle of the screen. A little to the right and and there’s  a picture frame and an alarm clock in the way. It’s unreal how a couple of feet (no pun intended) can make a difference. 

My kid is gonna make mistakes just like me. I made plenty of mistakes when I was a kid. He’s got my blood in him… It’s expected. 

Speaking of mistakes, I still remember the first time I cursed in front of my mom. I can’t remember what I did to piss her off, but she got right in my face about something. I believe I told her to “Get the F outta my face.” I vaguely remember her chasing me around the house with a wooden spoon and whooping my ass. I was at my nan’s house and I decided that was it. I was OUT!  So I packed a bag…

I think I put a few Kraft cheese slices and a one toy in my backpack and said… “That’s it… I’M OUT!” Some processed cheese and one toy. And I was out… me and GI Joe… we out.  I’m pretty sure i walked around the block and came back when I was hungry… But clearly i have not always made sound decisions in life.  But I learned from the ones I made… Good or bad.  

Those are the things he’s going to have to figure out and discover on his own. He’ll make decisions, good ones and bad ones. He will make mistakes and he will fail. But I guess that is what makes us stronger and smarter. Problems and mistakes lead to solutions and break throughs… I guess that’s what growing up is all about.  

A Self-Guided Tour of a Marriage with a Seven Month Old

I’d say this is pretty close to a normal weekday script the last few weeks



WIFE: Do you have any plans today, or will you be right home after work?

ME:  No plans, I’ll be home after busses leave.  I’d like to try to get to the gym if I get out early enough.


ME:  Completely forgot that we have an administrative meeting tonight.  No gym.

WIFE:  So you’re not going to be home on time…?


ME:  I’m sorry…

WIFE: I’m exhausted I’m go to bed.




WIFE: Do you have any plans today, or will you be right home after work?

ME:  No plans, I’ll be home after busses leave.  Definitely going to the gym though after work.


ME:  Completely forgot that we have open house tonight.  No gym, going to leave right when it’s over.

WIFE:  So you’re not going to be home on time…?


ME:  I’m exhausted…

WIFE:  YOU!??!!




ME:  Shit… It’s 630?!  I slept through the alarm?!!

WIFE:  We didn’t set a alarm, we never do.

ME:  Ohhh right, ok no gym.  But definitely going tomorrow.

WIFE: Do you have any plans today, or will you be right home after work?

ME:  No plans, I’ll be home after busses leave.

WIFE:  Open your damn calendar and look at it before you answer me.

ME:  Oops, staff meeting today… Must have missed that.


WIFE:  Don’t forget I have my holiday party after work today.  I’ll be home around 700

ME:  So you’re not going to be home on time…?

WIFE:  Not funny… joking or not… I’ll end you.


WIFE: How’d Jax do tonight?

ME:  Great, we played with some of the Christmas decorations, Jax tried to eat one of the ornaments.  You brought me left overs right?

WIFE: And on that note, I’m going to bed




WIFE: How long have you been up?

Me:  I don’t even remember.  What time did you go to sleep?

WIFE:  I have no idea.   Are you going to the gym today?



ME and WIFE: What’s for dinner?

ME:  Chinese?  Italian?  Pizza?

Wife: I don’t know?  Just decide by the time I’m done feeding Jax


WIFE:  Did you decide?

ME: No


WIFE: Did you decide?

Me: Yea, peanut butter and jelly




WIFE: Are you still sleeping

ME: Yup, I’m quitting the gym


ME: Hey, what’s the plan for dinner?

WIFE: Peanut butter and jelly?

ME: Perfect!


ME: I feel like we’ve gotten a lot accomplished this week…

WIFE: I know… I say we just put on PJs and watch a movie.