First Grade Puke Stories

When you teach first grade, encountering children vomiting becomes commonplace. It’s hard for others to understand the magnitude of the puke stories us first grade teachers have. We hold them closely and guard them, because we aren’t always sure if anyone can relate to what we’ve seen. Teaching primary grade students is kind of like being part of a secret society… no one knows the things we’ve seen. 

As I’ve said encountering children throwing as an elementary school administrator is an almost every day event in the first grade. As a result, I have countless puking stories… but nothing compares to this “superbug” as they call it, that has finally landed at my house. 

I’m not sure what to do anymore with this stomach bug. It’s everywhere. It’s literally everywhere and it’s invaded my home. It’s Disgusting and terrifying: It’s stressful to take care of a child who is vomiting. Not only is it going to be entirely horrifying and disgusting to remove and clean chunks from his vomit-laden pillow, taggie, sheets, and clothing, it’s also terrifying to provide support to him because I don’t know exactly what to do for him (let alone because you i get equally uneasy about catching the said vomiting stomach bug). 

It hurts to see your own child sick. And it’s awful having to provide care while working over an hour away… because that care consists of calling to check in. But this morning was tough… watching him lurch forward as he cried “boo-boo” and pointed to him stomach was enough to make even the most experienced first grade teacher cry… and then hurl themselves.  But after getting puked on while wearing my suit for work today… I knew this stomach bug was different. 

This morning there was a trail of puke from Jacksons room, to the bedroom, to the bathroom and down the stairs. Honestly, it got to a point where I just stood him on a towel and let him have at it. The poor kid just standing there covered in puke on a bath towel looking like he hit too much turbulence during a bad magic carpet ride.  

I guess we are going to have to continue to see this one through… thank god we have plenty of magic carpets to ride… and use to mop up chunks… I’ll survive though… this ain’t my first rodeo… I was a first grade teacher.  

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