Another year, another 4th of July come and gone.  Anytime I get to spend a long weekend with the family is a weekend well spent.  Anytime I get to spend a long weekend with the family and get to eat food that I didn’t have to prepare and enjoy other people’s backyards that I didn’t have to set up or clean afterwards is a weekend worth its weight in gold.

Thanks to Betty and Tony for having us on Saturday!

Those of you who know me, know I am a Revolutionary War Era nut.  I love the holiday… but mostly for its history and less for the stupid traidtions of fireworks and hotdogs.   

In my opinion fireworks are the most OVERRATED holiday tradition.  Nothing is more overrated Every SINGLE year I all I hear about is where the best fireworks are, when are they going off in certain towns so that everyone can coordinate firework watching parties.  Everyone just sits around and watches them like its some amazing feat… something they’ve never seen before… and then its over and your left wondering, “is that it?”  OVER-RATED.  I can see if you were a colonist sitting on a hill watching fireworks to celebrate the surrender of General Corwallis… then maybe I’d enjoy them… but now… in 2015… I’ll pass!


I will give in and admit that the Bomb Pop is what the 4th of July is really all about (food, beer and bomb pops)… I’ve recently noticed that there are at least five or six new Bomb Pop flavors… but nothing can and nothing ever will top the RED, WHITE, and BLUE Bomb Pop… it is the OG of Bomb Pops


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