With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

There is this certain sort of pride you feel every time you look at your own child…

But a few days ago… There was a feeling more than pride… I walked into a building and realized that my son has THE family gene. You know the one that drives the girls crazy… the one that hooked his mom as well. It’s something that all the girls wish they could resist and all the guys wish they had. It’s not something that can be explained, put in writing or even realistically pinpointed. It’s just there.

(Now remember that this is being written by someone who possesses THAT family gene. If it was being written by an outsider THAT gene may be described differently that above. It would probably describe it as being responsible for over dramatic responses to minor situations, grossly exaggerated stories and acid reflux, or the big nose/ bushy eyebrow gene… Hell my sisters eyebrows look like two caterpillars running away from her nose! But this is my story so I can make it say what ever I want!)

When I got there to pick up Jackson at mommy’s nail salon women ages 20 to grandma were swooning over his slate blue eyes, his blonde hair and that smile that could make even Medusa fall in love. It was like an amusement park, the line of people to hold, hug and talk to Jackson had to be three miles long.

(If I didn’t know any better I would say they were advertising on their Facebook page that he was there in order to drum up business and draw in customers. Everyone knows the key to a successful advertising campaign consists of two things… Cute babies, and/or puppies. All they needed was a little chocolate lab and that place woulda been buzzing! Like all those people literally needed manicures, pedicures and their hair done at 6 o’clock at night on a Tuesday).

Let’s face it Jackson is a crowd pleaser… He’s nice to look at… And he brings people joy by being in their presence. This thing I’m explaining… it’s a blessing and a curse. Just ask my father, my grandfather or my brother. It’s something we’ve had to learn to live with. We understand with great power comes great responsibility.

(I almost kept a straight face writing that! I’m not sure anyone could read that last paragraph without laughing out loud).

This is something that I will begin to teach Jackson immediately. I didn’t think that the powers of seduction he wields would become so evident this early in life. But I guess this one holds special powers… He will have to learn how to contain them and how to use them for good… He’ll have to resist the urge to use them for evil. I understand the difficult struggle he has in front of him… I know… I struggle with the same thing.

(Ok let’s be honest here… either you know I’m being completely sarcastic or you want to punch me in the eye socket… Although I’d be surprised if this is the first time you wanted to punch me in the eye socket, but I digress…)

Bottom line, Realizing that you’re a beautiful person isn’t as easy as it seems. I just really hope that Jackson is able to harness his power and use it to help people.

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