I am a not good at this whole nap thing.  Its been eight months and I still can’t get him to fall asleep.  Grammy can get him to fall asleep during an earthquake.  I can’t get him to fall asleep wrapped up in a swaddle, in the dark, when he is exhausted.  I feel like this is getting harder.  I don’t know how to tell when he is supposed to sleep and I sure as hell don’t know how to get him to go to sleep.

Nap time in this house is more like playtime and I just don’t get it.  I don’t understand why Jax won’t nap… All I want to do is nap these cold winter days.  I don’t think I take enough naps.  I wish my life still involved naps and watching movies all day with blankets covering the window.

I know you guys, especially you new parents, feel my pain.  I get home after the gym on a Saturday morning and I know there is 40,000 things I need to do around the house.  Nap time is what I wish for when it’s time to get home and start doing stuff.  Screw mopping the floors or picking up doggie dookie on the front lawn, I’d rather lay in bed all day and watch every Rocky movie in succession on TBS except for Rocky V, (I think I’ve seen this movie maybe once all the way threw it was so bad.)

Where does this kid get this from?  Why won’t he nap?  Why won’t he snuggle up next to the fireplace with his dad in a blanket fort and sleep our troubles away for the afternoon.  Nope he wants to do stuff, play with my face and look outside at stuff.


Guess Ill have to nap on my own time.

6 thoughts on “#NapTimeFail

  1. I have nothing, sadly, that I can say that will help here. It happens….is a constant battle. The thing that’s the most surprising is that it will change and he will nap but at that point you won’t know what you’ll do with yourself! Hope that change happens soon!


  2. If it makes you feel any better, my kids would never nap for their father, either. They associated Daddy with crazy-fun-play time….and still do. With me, however, five minutes in the rocking chair and they were down for the count!


  3. I feel like we are living the same life. My son never napped easily. I tried putting him down after settling him – didn’t work. Tried warm bath – didn’t work. The only thing that worked for me was rocking him. A lot. I would put on some music and walk around with him in my arms until he eventually fell asleep. However, try to avoid doing this. It’s great when they’re little, but then they get big. And they’re used to being rocked. And then your lower back gets sore. And then forget about deadliest, squats, inverted rows, and core exercises… Rocking is a slippery slope!


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