I am a not good at this whole nap thing.  Its been eight months and I still can’t get him to fall asleep.  Grammy can get him to fall asleep during an earthquake.  I can’t get him to fall asleep wrapped up in a swaddle, in the dark, when he is exhausted.  I feel like this is getting harder.  I don’t know how to tell when he is supposed to sleep and I sure as hell don’t know how to get him to go to sleep.

Nap time in this house is more like playtime and I just don’t get it.  I don’t understand why Jax won’t nap… All I want to do is nap these cold winter days.  I don’t think I take enough naps.  I wish my life still involved naps and watching movies all day with blankets covering the window.

I know you guys, especially you new parents, feel my pain.  I get home after the gym on a Saturday morning and I know there is 40,000 things I need to do around the house.  Nap time is what I wish for when it’s time to get home and start doing stuff.  Screw mopping the floors or picking up doggie dookie on the front lawn, I’d rather lay in bed all day and watch every Rocky movie in succession on TBS except for Rocky V, (I think I’ve seen this movie maybe once all the way threw it was so bad.)

Where does this kid get this from?  Why won’t he nap?  Why won’t he snuggle up next to the fireplace with his dad in a blanket fort and sleep our troubles away for the afternoon.  Nope he wants to do stuff, play with my face and look outside at stuff.


Guess Ill have to nap on my own time.

Awesome Dad Status in Jeopardy (Not According to Jax Though)

A day of highs and lows documented below:

Dad taking Jax for his flu shot… No big deal right???!!? Forgot a hat and it’s freezing out. No problem just make a bonnet out of a hoodie and tuck it in.


Get the pediatrician’s office and can’t remember if he’s had his 1st flu shot. Nurse does a computer check… Problem averted. Flu shot done, 15 seconds of crying and 10 minutes of flirting with the nurses (him not me), no allergic reaction and we’re out.

Quick text from mom to make sure I remembered the bottle so he can eat before I head to the chiropractor. The response of “I thought you said bottle after Chiro,” did nothing for my great dad status. No issues he held out and smashed a 6oz bottle when we got home.

Squeeze in a nap for baby, Buster, Max and dad and everyone is feeling as refreshed as a teacher after summer break.

Second quick text from mom to make sure I remembered to feed him his oatmeal when he woke up. The response of “I thought you said bottle after nap?,” did nothing for my ever dwindling great dad status. He smashed a second 6oz bottle and dad is now his new favorite person!

We then proceeded to play with EVERY.SINGLE toy he owns. I ran out of things to do. We cleaned, we organized, we sang (well I sang which made him cry… So much for my American Idol auditions).

When all was said and done… We both made it through the day unscathed. With my ego and dad status little worse for the wear, and Jax with a full belly.