I Plead Not Guilty

By the end of this blog entry my hope is to convince you that I’m not a mean guy. That I’m a good dad and I do good dad things. And even though I may or may not have fell on the floor laughing after watching my son try a cannellini bean for the first time, then after seeing he wasn’t a fan… I may or may not have given him more… That does not make us bad parents.

Here is the evidence against me:

So here is where I craft my defense. I’ll take you through this slowly and methodically. I want to make sure you understand what really happened tonight. I believe after both hearing and seeing my side of the story you’ll find it easy to find me not guilt of being an a-hole parent.

Exhibit A: Each night dinner time brings new and exciting foods. Some days the veggies or fruit go solo and some days the mix (IE banana, chicken, grapefruit). Tonight it happened to be a bean from the salad. The doctor said we can experiment a bit with foods and that we did.

Exhibit B: Jimmy Kimmel’s segment where he gets parents to tell their kids they ate all the Halloween candy. Funny- yes… Historical- absolutely… Mean- not a chance. Those parents knew exactly what their children were going to do. They knew they were going to make their child cry and say hilarious things. If Jimmy approves then it has to be OK.

Exhibit C: After watching the video of his reaction the fist time he ate one of these beans, then you’ll know why we HAD to give him more.

This video shows the greatest response to a new food… EVER… that was until we gave him some more. We had no choice but to give him a little more in order to see if we could duplicate his reaction.

All in all, there is nothing mean about what happened. It’s just two parents laughing with their son… Not at him. Which is exactly why I move to dismiss the case and find the defendants not guilty of being a-hole parents. At least not yet!

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