Best Friends (Especially Now) 

WARNING: NSFL (Not Safe for Life)

This is exactly why I started this blog… In order help myself deal with these exact situations… Putting these things in writing and knowing others are reading about them helps me deal with the fact that I continue to fail as a parent… Maybe even as a human being.

Last Warning: Vomit Inducing


Yup… He finally did it… Buster ate an entire poo patty.  Not pieces of the diaper or got a little lick of crap… He ate a hockey puck sizes patty of poo.  Just pulled it off the changing table and cleared his plate. I probably could have reused the diaper it was so clean.  

I have seen a lot over nasty stuff since this little dude was born… I smelled some things that should have burned my nostrils, but this was the first time I actually hurled.  I literally can not fathom how a piece of shit tastes appealing.  

The thought of Buster trying to give me a kiss makes me throw up in my mouth.  Although I may have forgotten to tell Steph and I promise I only laughed for a few seconds when buster licked her cheek. 

i guess eating poop brings you closer together?

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