A Game Changer

What happens when you get two of the funniest people in the world in the same room at the same time? Hilariousness happens that’s what.

Quotes of the century were being thrown around like they were going out of style:

-“Pete you’re like Snow White with kids instead of animals.”

-“I’m sort of like catnip for kids.”

-“Get off him, that’s not right.”

“Having two kids is a game changer guys… a game changer.”

-“You guys are gonna be real sad when I publish my cook book.”

-“Next time Laura and I will talk recipes and you two can go play in the pool.”

-“One is tough, but two… there are times I don’t even know what day it is.”

-“I really should wake him up from his nap right now, but I’m not sure I want what comes with two of them running around.”

Great night, great food, great friends, even better laughs!

Dinner Date


Only big boys sit at the dinner table…

Sometimes a dad’s gotta do what a dad’s gotta do. #IfYouCantBeatEmJoinEm #CribWeightLimit? #Roommates #GoToSleep #WhatEverWorks


PS: Truer words have never been spoken.


#HandsomeLikeDaddy #LikeFatherLikeSon.

Lots Going on Lately


The process of attempting to put together the first solid meal is literally like trying to solve a puzzle with missing pieces.

“Where the hell did we put the spoons?”
“Where is the tub from that we put all the baby bowls in?”
“Crap… Did I forget to put the high chair?”
“Wait you have to like mix it with something?”
“What do you mix it with?”
“I think you put it in the microwave?”
“How long?”
“Try it…”
“No you try it…”
“Buster, Max come here, we have a great for you.”



Absolutely destroying the Instagram world right now. #InstaCuteness #InstaAdorable #FinallyFoundHisThumb #MrMcgibblets