First Tooth Truth

“OHHHHH that’s so cute, he’s getting his first tooth!”

“Is that a tooth I feel in there?” “He’s getting so big!”

“Yeah! He’s cutting his first tooth!”

What others see:

photo (1)

What I see:


Great another developmental milestone in baby Jax’ life.  Everyone is so excited and wants to see it and talk about how great it is… me, I want to fit him for a mouthpiece.  Preferably one of those Under Armor ones that is like extra protecting.  That thing in there is sharper than a steak knife.  I feel like one of those idiot Australian nature guys who sticks his head inside an alligator every time I go to pull something out of his mouth.

Seriously though… that is one sharp ass tooth!

5 thoughts on “First Tooth Truth

  1. Ha! I feel your pain mate. Whilst I haven’t put my head in a crocodile (we technically don’t have alligators here in Australia) I remember all to vividly the pain involved with feeling how far through my sons teeth had come through. The scars will heal.


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