The Tooth Fairy is Broke

Another one bites the dust 🦷. To bad he put all the Tooth Fairy’s money in the band’s tip jar at dinner tonight.

What do you do when it’s 9:45pm and you kid loses a tooth and you have no cash? We are literally repurposing birthday and Christmas money over here. Big shout out to Steph for leaving her purse unattended tonight at dinner which allowed Jackson to request at least seven songs in a row from the live band at dinner.

PS: Jax I want you to know how much I hate teeth. When you read this one day… just know how grossed out I was, but I kept a straight face and held strong like the brave and heroic dad that I am.

First Tooth Truth

“OHHHHH that’s so cute, he’s getting his first tooth!”

“Is that a tooth I feel in there?” “He’s getting so big!”

“Yeah! He’s cutting his first tooth!”

What others see:

photo (1)

What I see:


Great another developmental milestone in baby Jax’ life.  Everyone is so excited and wants to see it and talk about how great it is… me, I want to fit him for a mouthpiece.  Preferably one of those Under Armor ones that is like extra protecting.  That thing in there is sharper than a steak knife.  I feel like one of those idiot Australian nature guys who sticks his head inside an alligator every time I go to pull something out of his mouth.

Seriously though… that is one sharp ass tooth!