Snow, Sledding and Fear Mongering

This weekend Jax took part in a winter right of passage.  His first time out in the snow in his little toboggan. The first sledding experience of a child’s life is one of the most exciting events of growing up.

He was elated, then nervous, then elated again, then nervous… etc, etc, etc.  But that is what makes sledding so fun.  The no-nonsense, need for speed thrill of a ride down a hill steeper than anything you can see on a ski mountain.

I’m concerned though.  Not concerned for his well being because he might get injured speeding down a hill with only a a little piece of plastic between him and his rear end… I’m concerned that sledding is becoming nonexistent in today’s society.  How and why this is happening I am not sure.  But when I was a kid and the snow started coming down my brother sister and I were polishing up our sleds and lining our boots with plastic bags!  …what do you mean you never put plastic bags over your socks?  Your mom didn’t tell you everyone did that to keep their socks dry?  That’s fine you enjoy your soggy, cold socks… because my little tater tots were warm and cozy!

The hill on Chimney Drive was a thing of legend.  It was busier than a Stop and Shop the day before a blizzard.  It ran like a well oiled machine… down the hill on the left and the middle… and back up the hill on the right.  The middle of the hill was reserved for dare devils… with jumps built for getting more air than the General Lee.  There was no concern for personal safety… there were no worries of broken limbs or concussions… only hopes and dreams of being the first person to get so much speed that your snow tube would take you down the hill and into the stream that ran through the woods!

Speaking of snow tubes… they are the most underrated form of transportation in the world.  If I could I’d take one to work.  Just a beautiful, smooth ride through and through… and you know everyone who had to use the little plastic saucer was always so jealous when we showed up with our pool tubes that doubled as a snow mobile!

I feel like kids these days are either too busy playing Minecraft or not allowed to go sledding because their parents are afraid they might get hurt… I saw a child last winter sledding down a hill in my neighborhood with a helmet and elbow pads… come on Barry Bonds… take off some of that body armor and live a little!  Why is everyone so afraid over everything now-a-days?????

With the impending storm on its way to CT in a few hours… you can bet your bottom dollar (what the hell does that even mean?!!) that Jax and I will be out there sledding… maybe we’ll just hold off on the hills for a few more years though.

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7 thoughts on “Snow, Sledding and Fear Mongering

  1. Sledding was an integral part of my upbringing, being Canadian and all. And I agree with you, there has been a sharp decline in the sledding population which is mind boggling (or, toboggling?). My son started sledding young just as your son has. Keep it up! You have my support.

    If you need some boots, mine will be flipped over on the heat vent drying off…


  2. Hilarious. Your babe is gorgeous!!! Super jealous of all the sledging going on – we’re snowless here in the UK!!! The second it snows here we’re all out there like a shot though. So fear not, the sledging culture is not going downhill. (Pun possibly intended.) 🙂 Sophie @ticklymouth


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  4. We don’t really get enough snow here to go. But as a child I loved it. I think it is in decline because of the other activities of entertainment that is presented to children now. But I think the same can be said about a lot of activities. We are a very low technology house so I promote all things like this.

    Some great photos!


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