Life’s Little Wins

Tonight was one of those nights where you sit back and reflect on the million different pieces that have come together to form your life. Life is full of ups and downs, an emotional roller coaster ride that you can’t quite imagine if you’ve spent your time worrying about other people.
With so many things going on in my own life right now it’s hard to take time to worry about others. It’s hard to not think about your place in this gigantic world we live in. Sometimes though it helps to take a step back and realize that we all play a small roll in improving someone else’s life. We all mean something important to someone.

 Today I watched my son enthusiastically walk down the isle of Ryan and Lindsey’s wedding rehearsal. I watched him closely as he held Emma’s hand and realized that Jackson is going to walk down the isle with the little girl (who isn’t so little anymore) that I’ve watched grow up into such an amazing young lady. And that the two of them will help usher in a lifetime of happiness for the Fahys. Today it wasn’t about one particular person or feeling… It as about the bigger picture.

There isn’t much else that makes you feel like living life to the fullest after watching your son and one of your best friend’s daughter hold hands and enjoy life the way it’s supposed to be enjoyed. That is until you get home and read something that gives you goosebumps. Something that makes you realize that you are making a difference in someone’s life… That you have been mentioned in the same sentence, let alone compared to the late principal Dawn Hochsprung, who gave her life for her students at Sandy Hook Elementary School. I am honored to part of something that is bigger than any one individual. Our school represents what Ana represents… Love, kindness and friendship.

I hope my son will grow to be selfless, kind, generous, understanding and loving. But most of all I hope he knows that he is important to someone somewhere and that his presence makes a positive impact on the world.

 “We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.”  -Buddha



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6 thoughts on “Life’s Little Wins

  1. Love this and a reminder of what truly matters, the small wins are the sweetest. Our brains are plastic and the more we worry, the better we become at it, it’s not about telling ourselves not to as that never works but accepting the worry or self doubt but quietening it slowly, practising positivity and actively seeking the good. Thanks for this x

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  2. Well done! Both in your telling of it and your actions. It’s nice to be awakened to the man you’ve become and not just think of you as the young boy I remember. I’m so glad to hear how you are a positive role model for those around you.

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