Quinoa? More Like QuiNO

So the weirdest thing happened to us today… Jackson decided he was not going to just eat what ever was given to him. From oatmeal (stage 1 and 2) to every kind of fruit and vegetable mixture you could ever imagine… Apple, grape and kale- ate it… pear, orange, squash- devoured it… pumpkin, sweet potato, blueberry- manga!

Until tonight…

2015/01/img_1470.jpgJust decided he was done with his quinoa oatmeal… Not having it, doesn’t like it, just does not tickle his palette. The first few times he spit it out we thought it was funny, after a while it wasn’t so amusing.

I mean it’s an easy fix for the the time being, but how do you deal moving forward. Do we just write down that he won’t eat this food and that food? Do we reintroduce it at some point? I’m pretty sure our pediatrician said we’re supposed to track all the food he eats each day. But I think we might be a few months behind on that.

I guess he starting to figure out his likes and dislikes. Pretty soon he’ll be cooking his own meals. Damn… These kids grow up so fast!


4 thoughts on “Quinoa? More Like QuiNO

  1. It’s difficult. Their taste buds change so much. Even ours do. I take every day as it comes. If he doesn’t like something then no big deal. I leave it a couple of weeks and try again. 6 years on this challenge has stayed the same.


  2. It’s a never ending process, even after they start eating “grown up” food just out of the blue the same thing my daughter has eaten for years she no longer wants. Well except chicken nuggets, it’s like food crack for all young school age children. Good luck, sounds like you are on the right path though with all the fruits and veggies. Good luck to your Packers Sunday


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