5.10.14. – Newborn Photos

hp naut

So newborn photos happened today. These 2 I kinda just stole w my iPhone. The professional ones will be posted soon.

Yes I made you dress as Harry Potter. Yes I asked them to photo shop a lighten bolt scar on your forehead.

God bless these photographers. They work directly in the line of fire… Naked baby aiming his little firehose in every direction while the 2 chicks are maneuvering cautiously out of his aim… Impressive.

However some props were lost in the line of duty. 2 blankets, a boppy, a basket and at least 1 backdrop. Not to mention a healthy puke on moms shirt, boots and pants. I also enjoyed watching the photographers faces as he constantly laid out spread eagle for the world to see. He’s definitely his father’s son!

Shoot went well over all besides the fact that I got my balls busted for being a Harry Potter fan!

You can’t tell me getting your acceptance letter to Hogwarts wouldn’t be life changing!!!!!

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