5.9.14. – Hello Hospital

Parents worst night mare: the 1st hospital visit. Although you are your fathers son, so it shouldn’t be surprising as I’ve frequented every hospital and ER up and down the East Coast.

Out of all the possible ailments that could befall a newborn thank god it’s only an oozy belly button that has brought us here. But either way this sux.

General Food for Thought:

Don’t use the restroom in the patients waiting area.  Make the walk around the nurses station over to the elevators and next to the vending machine to handle business.  It’s for the best.

Handwashing can never be overrated. Ever!!

If you are sick, have sick children or are just getting over being sick, DO NOT COME OR BRING THEM INTO THE HEALTHY WAITING ROOM.  You and they are still petri dishes of disease and my kid does not want to meet you or shake your germ filled hand.

Every hospital should be outfitted with a Dunkin Donuts. There is one on every other street in America, there should be one in the place where coffee is needed most.

No matter how quiet the tv volume is in the waiting room, Dora the Explorer’s voice is like nails on a chalkboard.

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