Dad > Bugs

My son is fearless… Jackson is literally more manly than his dad. I’m ok with that. I look at it as if I’ll always have someone around the house to take care of the dirty work… kill the spider on the ceiling, set the mouse traps in the attic and take care of crawling under the deck to clean out the old wet leaves that gather all winter. 

I’ve written early blogs about how I hate the stuff I call “Yuck”. Bugs are disgusting. They are dirty and full of germs. I don’t even like butterflies (they are just colorful bugs). I know kids are supposed to play in the dirt, eat mid pies and like insects and snakes and stuff. I get it. I once had and ant farm (for like 20 minutes). Jax thinks ants are cool. He loves chasing moths around the house when they get in the house.  
Yet what i witnessed today, the pictures his teacher sent me, those… for all intents and purposes ends our relationship as father and son. The only way we can go on living in the same house is if we cut off his arm that touched that disgusting alien looking life form. I’m saying he has to go around armless… we can replace it with something. Just can’t be the arm that handled those bugs.  

Bottom line Jax… it’s the arm or your father… You’re move… 

Read more about my feelings on YUCK:

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