Total Eclipse of the…

I am not the bravest warrior on the battlefield, let’s face it, elementary school principal isn’t exactly the most daring profession in the world (important yes), but its not like I am running into a burning building to save someone’s 13 year-old Siamese cat or fighting ISIS soldiers who strap suicide bombs to themselves.  I do what I do, because I love to make a difference in the lives of children… and also so I don’t have to go on high speed car chases after bank robbers.

I won’t lie, I still set my house alarm when I am home with the garage doors shut, I won’t go downstairs at night without turning all the lights on first.  I’m not much of a risk taker. Going blind would SUCK and going blind because you going blind because you didn’t heed all the warning and tried to be a tough guy would be so horrible.  Like, you have the warnings and more importantly you have the very scientific and high-tech Solar Eclipse Viewing Glasses right at your finger tips.  In 1979 (the last full solar eclipse) there wasn’t an ease of shopping like Amazon Prime or Target.  You didn’t have the ability to view this eclipse while saving your retinas was not possible.

But what do you do if you didn’t get those fashionable 1985 movie theater-style 3-D glasses and your son wants to look at the eclipse?  Well you make your own Eclipse Viewing Device of course…

Going out to see the #solareclipse like:
PS: Such an underrated song:  Total Eclipse of the Heart- Bonnie Tyler


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