“My Dinosaur”

Two words: MIND.BLOWN. 

“My Dinosaur” possibly the single greatest piece of art created since the Sistine Chapel. Where does he get this from?  No one I know in my family has any visual art talent. Yes there some musical DNA in a few of the family members. But nothing pales in comparison to what I laid my eyes on today.  

“My.Freaking.Dinosaur.”  It’s just not something the simpleminded person like myself can even fully appreciate. I could never sit down with a box of crayons and wind up with anything close to “My Dinosuar.”  And even if I could… There’s not a chance I could come up with a title as deep and meaningful as “My Dinosaur.”  

I guess some people have the “it factor” and some people don’t.  Clearly Jax is a creative genius.  

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