Hard to Find Good Help

It’s so hard to find good help these days. One minute you have things under control. You can prep for dinner and get it in the over, start the laundry and vacuum the carpets all in quick motion. The house was so immaculate 24 hours a day that chores and housework could be done during commercials.  

There was not much to do when you are as clean and detail orientated as I am. Everything has a place and if it doesn’t have a place it’s garbage!!! Organized closets and cabinets were as common as sunshine in the Caribbean.  
Then we brought home the Tasmanian Devil. He’s literally a whirlwind of disaster. Anything he can get his hands on he launches across the room. (I will say this… He’s got an excellent arm and is definitely going to be a lefty and we all know how hot the market is for a hard throwing left-handed reliever). Anyway, it’s just a lot to handle… A lot of clean up in his wake. 

I’ve tried to, at least in the most basic ways, begin to instill in him the importance of keeping a clean and tidy house. If he throws his food, he cleans it up (by “cleans it up,” I mean feeds it to Buster and Max). He puts his plate and sippy cup in the sink when he’s done and we make him clean up his toys when it’s time to. 

Unfortunately, this usually how that ends up:

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