Mini Me?

I’m starting to wonder what Jax is going to be like in a few years. Which traits will he have from me? Which will he have from mom. Is there any possibility he will be anything like his brothers Buster and Max? (We are absolutely screwed if he is, two little ones pooping on the floor and peeing on our dining room chairs is enough).

I’m nervous he’s going to have some issues passed down from me. I’m definitely a tad self conscious about my laugh.

I have four kinds of laughs:
1. The always embarrassing laugh at myself creepy laugh, which usually happens at work. Definitely weird when you work at an elementary school.
2. The dreaded snort laugh. Saved for inappropriate jokes. No idea why… Just always wind up sounding like Porky Pig.
4. The extremely LOUD obnoxious laugh that sounds like a horse is being tortured. Which for some reason only comes out around Vic.
3. And finally, the famous “giggle” laugh. Usually girly and high pitched enough that dogs begin to bark.

I hate my laughs. I hope my little man gets a more tough and sexy laugh. You know something like how Sean Connery laughs… I bet he has a manly laugh!

Then there is the voice. Have you ever listen to your own voice on recording or in a video? Does it ever literally sound like you? Every time I listen to a recording of myself I’m sitting there wondering who the hell snuck into my house and recorded over my voice. It literally sounds like Alvin the chipmunk going through puberty.

I guess for now I should just be happy he has my eyes. And that everyone calls him Steph’s twin!


2 thoughts on “Mini Me?

  1. Good post!
    I question all these things. It’s funny as when they get older you get different questions. My eldest has my dirty laugh as well as my ‘lying face’ my youngest has that glint in his eye that you know he’s about to do something. I know all kids have this but his face transforms in that moment to mine. (He is his mum’s double otherwise) I now question who’s going to take my artistic interests or my love for music etc. See whether they’re geeky etc.
    Always fun finding out either way.


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