Fireworks are Illegal

To who ever drove across country to illegally buy fireworks so they could shoot them off tonight: I HATE YOU, I HOPE ONE OF YOUR BOTTLE ROCKETS SHOOTS YOU IN THE BUTT. Jackson is now awake and screaming as if we were taking heavy artillery fire. We slept a total of two hours the past two night BC of the wedding and tonight needed to be night filled with lights out, uninterrupted, blacked out SLEEP. And now because we are experiencing Revolutionary War mortar shells explode in our front yard, that seems impossible.

Its 10:30 at night and its not the 4th of July, hell its not even JULY yet! I’m all about celebrating our dominance of the Brits… But why do people feel the need to do this from their houses this late at night? I’m going to record the screams coming out of this little body right now and play them on this guys answer machine every night until next May and see how much sleep he gets then. YEAH INDEPENDENCE!

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