Saved by the Bell – The New, New Class



Dear Jackson,

I’m writing you this letter today for two reasons.  One to introduce you to your uncle Adam, Eli and Ryan (AKA Otto, Big ‘Uns and RFizzle), and the second is to tell you how important friends will be to your growing up and beyond.  I cannot remember exactly when or how I knew these idiots would become as close as family, it sort of just happened.  One day you are standing next to them in the bus line in middle school, or trying to hit golf balls onto the highway with them, or peeing in someone’s basement and the next they are visiting your newborn son in the hospital.

Family is family; nothing will ever take away from that.  But friends are the family that you choose.  I’m not sure if I chose them or they choose me, but for better or for worse, we’re all stuck with each other.  Here is where you come in… I want you to make sure that you choose your friends wisely.  Make sure you know that real friends do not ever leave you… they piss you off, they may drive you nuts… but in the end they are the support you need in good times and in bad.  The best part of a guy’s group of friends, is the incessant amount of trash talking that goes on all in good fun!

I guess what I am trying to say, is that I hope when you grow up you can meet your own Zach, Slater or Screech… hopefully you, Emma, Carter and Blakely will become close… but just remember, Buddy Bands are not as cool as they used to be!

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