Max Guards the Little Lord of the Castle

I just witnessed the greatest show of love and protection known to man! Jax was having a rough time so Auntie Sue and her troops came over to lend a hand. Upon entering the house they were greeted by Buster and Max. A few barks and some growling and they were done… Until they made their way to Jackson. Max literally positioned himself in between the baby and them. Every time they moved he moved, no growling. Just watching…staring… Judging. Once they showed they were there to help, Max went and laid down.

Beautiful show of affection and love from big brother Max. He’s grown into a fine young pup. Gone are the days he would run head first into the cabinets… This is the new Max. Where was Bister you ask? Setting a good example of how to look after his little brother, right? Try he was eating all the puke off the play mat and blanket.

1 Step forward, 2 steps back at the Fragola household.

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