To Do: Add Tylenol to the Arsenal

Today started out like a normal day a few dirty diapers, a hungry baby lots of coffee and dad forgetting his breakfast and sunglasses somewhere in the garage… Luckily we did remember to get Jax to the Doctor for his Two Month check up. Then the little man spiked his first fever. 2 month check up yielded 3 shots which resulted in a temp. Bring on the panic, internet searches and phone calls. Being a parent has literally the most ups and downs of anything I’ve ever experienced (well except maybe a Thanksgiving dinner with the family). He’s smiling then 13 seconds later has a fever and is miserable. It’s hard to feel helpless, but infant Tylenol came to the rescue this time. Let’s see how long this lasts.

I should have seen this coming. I work with kids, I’ve seen what happens to children after a doctor visit. Hell I’m 35 and they still need half a dozen office staff to hold me down when I get a shot. Next time shots are on the menu I’ll have they Tylenol ready in a freaking IV Drip

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