Project Big Boy Room (1st Attempt)

So last night we attempted to put Jax to sleep in his NEW BIG BOY ROOM.  Throughough the past month or so there has been lots of prep work put in to building his level of comfort in his new room.  We hung out in there, read him stories in there before bed… etc, etc.

I decided to LIVE TWEET the event last night.  Here is detailed account of what will go down in the history of Chronicles of a New Dad as one of the biggest mission failures in history!

6:54 PM – 5 Mar 2017
About to live tweet my attempt at putting my (almost 3 year old) in his new “big boy room” for the 1st time. #ChroniclesOfANewDad #PrayForMe

6:56 PM – 5 Mar 2017
So far we’ve successfully turned out the light 6x and turned on the humidifier approximately 12x #ChroniclesOfANewDad #ProjectBigBoyRoom

7:00 PM – 5 Mar 2017
Weve now moved on to climbing on 1 side of the bed and off other. Feel like im watching Daytona 500 #ChroniclesOfANewDad #ProjectBigBoyRoom

7:01 PM – 5 Mar 2017
Escape of Alcatraz. He’s out. Gone. Door closed behind him and I’m alone. #ChroniclesOfANewDad #ProjectBigBoyRoom

7:03 PM – 5 Mar 2017
“Hello, I’m back!!!” ​

7:05 PM – 5 Mar 2017
All electronics are now off & the lights are back on. I’m now negotiating with this little terrorist #ChroniclesOfANewDad #ProjectBigBoyRoom

7:08 PM – 5 Mar 2017
1st demand “baby Ollie lay in bed w me”. #ChroniclesOfANewDad #ProjectBigBoyRoom

7:18 PM – 5 Mar 2017
Abandoned negotiating and have just simply asked him where he wants to sleep. #ChroniclesOfANewDad #ProjectBigBoyRoom

7:22 PM – 5 Mar 2017
Back to the nursery. had the time to say goodbye to your baby room. Here’s the look of realization that he’s growing up-mine and his) 

7:24 PM – 5 Mar 2017
I’ve now resorted to spelling out curses every time he climbs out of the bed. #ChroniclesOfANewDad #ProjectBigBoyRoom

7:27 PM – 5 Mar 2017
“People are coming for me” quote literally word for word from my son and I have chills. WTF #ChroniclesOfANewDad #ProjectBigBoyRoom

7:30 PM – 5 Mar 2017
Full escape this time. Down stairs. And found him hiding in the dogcrate. #ChroniclesOfANewDad #ProjectBigBoyRoom

7:38 PM – 5 Mar 2017
Yup he’s eating yogurt & graham crackers- asking for pasta Not my choice. tonight is a failure. #ChroniclesOfANewDad #ProjectBigBoyRoom

7:55 PM – 5 Mar 2017
Game over. Back in nursery. Night ends w him asking, “daddy rub, rub back.” #ChroniclesOfANewDad #ProjectBigBoyRoom Guess there’s tomorrow

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