Project Big Boy Room (2nd Attempt)

So last night I attempted our second night of putting Jaxto put Jax to sleep in his NEW BIG BOY ROOM. I decided to continue LIVE TWEETING the event. Here is detailed account of what will go down in the history of Chronicles of a New Dad as one of the biggest mission failures in history! (Here’s a link to the first attempt):

7:23pm #ChroniclesOfANewDad #ProjectBigBoyRoom  Attempt Day 2 

7:24pm Nice and calm book time. Chica chica boom boom #ChroniclesOfANewDad #ProjectBigBoyRoom 

7:25pm This has to be a good sign. He’s reading the book on his own to me. Said “no daddy me read!” #ChroniclesOfANewDad #ProjectBigBoyRoom

7:29pm  Casually worked in a “do you want to sleep in here tonight?” Response: “yes”. #ChroniclesOfANewDad #ProjectBigBoyRoom

7:33pm NOISE is on! This is happening. #ChroniclesOfANewDad #ProjectBigBoyRoom

7:38pm Lights out “daddy lay w me and rub rub back” #ChroniclesOfANewDad #ProjectBigBoyRoom I can smell success

8:04pm There was 15 minute window where I was so sure that this was going 2 happen that I let my guard down #ChroniclesOfANewDad #ProjectBigBoyRoom

8:05pm Heard Baby Ollie cry got up ran into room to give him a hug and kiss and it was all over from there #ChroniclesOfANewDad #ProjectBigBoyRoom

8:06pm Somehow came out of hugging Ollie & was able to convinced mom to put him in his old room. #ChroniclesOfANewDad #ProjectBigBoyRoom

8:09pm In process of moving all stuff back in nursery. Taggie✅ Blanket✅ Noise✅ Pillow✅ PurpleLight✅ Heat✅ #ChroniclesOfANewDad #ProjectBigBoyRoom

8:10pm And Fin (asleep safe and sound in the nursery) #ChroniclesOfANewDad #ProjectBigBoyRoom #FailureTake2

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