Temper Tantrum

We had the first real temper tantrum this weekend. I thought there was temper tantrums before… I thought I had seen them bubble up in the past.  I had heard other parents say, “Just wait. When you have a real temper tantrum you’ll know.”
Well, I know now what a real temper tantrum is. There was a real possibility yesterday I was ready to quit. It was bad.  It was really bad.  There was one point where I actually felt like I was going pass out.  I can honestly say I was extremely impressed with his dedication to his craft, because this tantrum went on- and on- and on- and on…

Let me set the stage: 7:00am breakfast and OJ in his sippy cup.  However, he did not want that sippy cup. So he launched it across the room.  Three times… with the last time the cup being launched scud missile style at Buster.

I took the sippy cup and put that thing in time out.   Apparently this was not on his “things that daddy does that make me happy” list.  

Now I’ve heard some crazy stories about toddler tantrums before.  Kids freaking out because their shadow was following then around or something like that:

  1. My 2 year old wanted to go to work…on cars. He literally screamed and cried cause he didn’t have a job. – Tamara 
  2. I stopped my daughter from inflating herself with a bike pump. Cue tantrum. – Rebecca 
  3. Because she couldn’t lick me. And she needed to lick someone. – Sarah Because he couldn’t make himself disappear. – Sharryn 
  4. Because he wasn’t green. – Vicki Because his baby sister’s sippy cup squeaks when she chews on it…and his doesn’t. – Caroline 
  5. That we’d run out of Crunchy Nuts. I should have filmed it and sent it to Kelloggs. I’d be rich now. – Leona
  6. Because his sister looked out the window of the side of the car he was sitting on – Pam 
  7. Because Mummy drove the car and not Daddy – Emma 
  8. Because I went to the toilet before her, despite her saying minutes before she didn’t need to go. – Sandie 
  9. Because a little girl at daycare’s favourite colour was also pink. – Rewa 
  10. For turning the corner in the car – Lauren
  11. Because I peeled the banana and he couldn’t put it back into the peel – Elizabeth

So here we are…FULL ON TANTRUM. Screaming, yelling, spinning in circles.  Angry he had milk to drink after asking for milk to drink.  

I watched this little monster run from room to room wait for me to walk after him and throw things on the floor. I watched him turn his head side to side and look at things that he could push down. I just witnessed the first in a long line temper tantrums.  

Send help… I’m going to need it.  

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