Power Outage 

We are at DEFCON 5 over here.  There’s no power and it’s hotter than a sauna on the equator right now.  Every door and window in this house is propped open with the hopes that we can attract even the smallest breeze in the family room.  

“What are we supposed to do with a two year old when there is no power? Is this how the Pilgrims lived?”  All quotes from overheard here tonight. (Mind you none of those quotes were mine). I was too busy lighting candles and getting the Dooms Day Survival Pack out and set up. 

We lost power for two hours and I was ready to dip into our astronaut food and reserve water. The iPad wouldn’t connect with out wifi and the ACs were out of setvice so Jackson’s bedroom was Sahara Desert hot. 

Im not sure how people survived before air conditioning, but I’m just unbelievably glad our power came back on for bed time!


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