Not Your Guy

What does check for stability really mean anyway?

I’m done playing nice on this blog.  I’m done pretending I’m some great dad who loves doing everything for his son.
NO MORE… No more BS.  I’m tired of it.  This kid is creating an environment of frustration and resentment….

Just kidding. It’s not him. It’s everyone who keeps buying him crap that requires assembly or installation.  STOP IT PEOPLE.  STOP BUYING TRICYCLES, and TRAIN SETS and SWINGSETS… unless you buy the person who is going to put it all together.

Somehow it all falls on me.  I know we’ve discussed this before but I’m not the person you want working a drill air gun.  I’m not the person you want interpreting a 276 page instruction manual and I’m 100% not the guy you want responsible for installing a device that a two year old will be swinging from and climbing on.

I’m just not that guy.  Now listen… You want someone to match a shirt, tie and pocket square…?  I’m that guy. You need someone to authenticate an original Mickey Mantle autograph…?  I’m that guy.  You need someone to evaluate a tiered intervention program and its effectiveness in meeting individual students needs outside the Tier I differentiated instruction…?  I’m that guy.

I’m just not the “read the directions, make adjustments and interpret non-interpretable directions” kinda guy.  I can sit through a 12 hour workshop on instructional coaching and be completely engaged.  I just don’t want to put together anymore toys.  You need that?  Sorry I’m just not your guy.

Please people.  I’m begging you.  If you feel the need to but this kid anything, just get him a bond… Those are still a thing right?   Or a donate some money to a charity of your choice in his name.  It’s the right thing to do… (And it’s the easier thing to do… For me at least).

Case in point:

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