Role Model

 They say boys will be boys. Well I say boys will be boys… until someone teaches them to be men. As an educator I know that one day my son will follow not what I’ve told him, but what I’ve done. We learn by example not by advice. Our children watch us for a living, they have nothing else to do besides eat and poop. I know what I do and what Jax sees plays a huge role into the person he will become.  

I’m not sure he has developed my sense of humor (he laughs at farts). I know he has my inquisitive nature because all he wants to do is look at, touch and play with whatever comes across his path. I’m happy to see that he enjoys life and the world around him as much as I do.  
But what about morals and ethical values. Am I a good enough man to set that example for the most important person in my life? Do I have the moral compass that always points north? I don’t want him to even think that anyone’s values should adapt to their circumstances. I hope he knows I’m not perfect… hell none of us are perfect. 

I hope he knows that I’ll always speak my real thoughts. I won’t hide from who I am. I’ll always stand by my convictions. I’m not sure what other people think of me… Not everyone will agree with or understand who I am… But I know everything I do is to help make you a better person.  

“Each day we are given the opportunity to be a role model. The choices we make change so much more than just our own lives.

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