Breaking News: Another Child with a High IQ has Been Accepted by Mensa

My son is a two and a half year old Einstein. A modern day Mozart or Isaac Newton. I’m speculating that he has an IQ of approximately 159 – just one point below that of Einstein and Stephen Hawking.

I know, as an educator that some parents, experience unusual intelligence in their children at a young age. I just never thought I’d be that parent… I noticed he was a bright child extremely early. He did try and talk from the minute he was born but obviously he couldn’t verbalise anything, but he would look you right in the eye and attempt to speak. 

Granted you couldn’t understand a thing he said… but I chalk that up to him just being so smart he had invented his own language. So I began to wonder what other tell-tale signs there are that could help identify If Jax was actually a genius?

Mensa  (the largest and oldest high IQ society in the world) has a checklist on its website that identifies what constitutes a “genius” (I’ve checked off the ones that apply to Jackson):

• An unusual memory ✅

• Reading early ✅

• In-depth knowledge of certain subjects ✅

• An awareness of world events ✅

• Asks questions all the time ✅

• Developed sense of humor ✅

• Musical ✅

• Likes to be in control ✅

• Makes up additional rules for games ✅

Jackson literally is the definition of a genius. Just kidding… he’s two and thinks I really disappear playing peekaboo, he eats dirt and gets excited when he zips up his own onesie himself.  

But I’ll tell you this: I couldn’t be more proud of his progress! He’s one hardworking smart little dude!  ​​

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