Tigers Say “Roar!”

So things are getting a little hairy around here (no pun intended).

This kid needs a haircut so bad he could put on a skinny tie and look like a guy from One Direction.  The other day someone asked if we were going for The Beatles look.  Haircut appointment made.

The crawling situation has made things exponentially more difficult as he move from place to place with a reclass abandon that would make Rick Grimes nervous! (A Walking Dead reference in a baby blog… Good for business or not!??!).   Either way, you can’t turn around for two seconds because he winds up elbow deep in the dog’s water bowl.  This house is gated up more securely than Alexandria!  (Second Walking Dead reference in a baby blog… That’s pushing it I think!)

The little man is starting to talk up a storm.  Without a doubt taking after his father.  (Superlatives in his future?  Most Talkative?  Loudest?).  Everyone is anxiously awaiting that first word.  My money is on Dada. Brea tends to agree:

Vic is going with the Ying Yang Twins “Ya ya, ya ya ya!”  

Don’t forget… You need a mortgage to have a house, even a fake one you’re singing about in music class.


… And to top it off as we practice our letters and sounds, I ask what sound does /T/ make… like in “TIGER”… mom’s quick response: “ROAAARRRRR”

Let that one sink in for bit…

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