Peter Venkman, PhD.

Today you can call me Peter Venkman, because the poop I that I just fought with was of supernatural proportions. It was everywhere… It was Slimer green… It was unearthly.

I actually had to use the Ghostbusters Ghost Trap to dispose of it once I was done with the struggle of corralling it. Here’s video footage of the event:


On a serious note though. If anyone knows where I can get one of these please, let me know!


5 thoughts on “Peter Venkman, PhD.

  1. Sadly they don’t improve with age!! Is it sad that 6 years in and 2 boys later that I no longer gag or am surprised at what they produce. Both, at some point, have made me request an a priest to come and cast the demon that is obvious residing within them! On a plus side I know longer get the “Daddy you need to inspect this” from my eldest….blessed is the day when my youngest achieves this!!


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