Distance Learning Potty Training

Distance learning has its benefits and it’s downfalls. Being home everyday, while also being almost completely unavailable is the perfect definition of what I mean.

BENIFIT: Being able to help potty train your three year old.

DOWNFALL: Being able to help potty train your three year old.

We’ve had many trials and tribulations with the whole potty training thing with everyone in this house. Hell… the dogs are still strategically placing landmines all over the house. We’re a clean up crew around here.

But then there are days that make the landmines all with it…

Oliver walked calmly over to Mom and said he needed to go potty. It was a clear potty training win. People all over the house, from far and wide screamed, danced and bearing gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh.

Amazing right… Fast forward a few hours…

I was summoned by the screams of an almost six year old… “Dad, Oliver is POOPING!!!” The same child that hours earlier had calmly walked inside and properly asked to use the restroom to do his business, now smiled, half hidden behind the coffee table.

Potty training… The highs are so high, but let me tell you the lows are so low (and messy, as well).

Peter Venkman, PhD.

Today you can call me Peter Venkman, because the poop I that I just fought with was of supernatural proportions. It was everywhere… It was Slimer green… It was unearthly.

I actually had to use the Ghostbusters Ghost Trap to dispose of it once I was done with the struggle of corralling it. Here’s video footage of the event:


On a serious note though. If anyone knows where I can get one of these please, let me know!


The Brown Tidal Wave

Over an hour to get ready.  Mommy showered, daddy showered (surprisingly)… everyone got changed.  Don’t forget that getting changed for a six and a half month old means a diaper change, 17 layers of clothes… fitting a tight pair of jeans on over his butt, fitting a onesie, shirt and sweater over his massive head… etc, etc.

As he is about to get comfortable in the car seat… the tsunami hit.  The dreaded poo up the back on the arms and tummy… and through EVERY.LAYER.OF.CLOTHING.  To the point where he needed a full out bath.

Three hours later… literally three hours after we began getting ready, we we are all set to go… again.