Museums for Kids

Museums: The place where stuff goes… that would otherwise collect dust… so that people can take pictures. Exciting for the history buff like me… Not so much for a barely pushing two year old… The pristine all too large for the three 17th century vases that are being displayed reverberate with the soft, dead sounds of tourists shuffling and employees yawning.

If it were just me, I’d read the placards and maybe Google some random information that I could pass off as my own to my son so he’d think I was smart. But it’s not just me… There’s a tiny hurricane tagging along with me ready to unleash gale force winds on unsuspecting rare and priceless artifacts. 
That being said… Thank the good lord for inventing “Children’s Museums.” Basically an indoor playground with some historical facts posted around random stayed or painting. I’ve learned that you can take any word and put “Children” in front of it and basically means there will be hundreds of desperate parents looking to tire out there little ones. Today we were no different. 
With a day off approaching, and sub-zero temperatures making it impossible to even attempt any type of outdoor activities…  

Jax and i attempting to get the mail this morning

…the need for something to keep this minus tire Tasmanian devil active so we could get a quiet few hours of nap time was essential. 

Therefore it was time to que up the free Lutz Children’s Museum tickets we reviewed as a gift for XMAS. Perfect place for a toddler to spend a quiet morning right? A museum? Enter the Children’s Museum. God’s gift to parents… A place that encourages running, climbing, jumping and screeching (and not just from the barn owl on display in the nature section). All in the name of learning. 

He learned sure learned a lot: what a typical town looked like when Teddy Roosevelt was president, what crops were farmed in Connecticut during the late 1700s, why the invention of train was so vital to the development of the United States and also what a rooster looks like
 Us parents? We learned a lot too: how many times you can walk up and down the same flight of stairs before wondering why you didn’t bring your own baby gate, how much pressure the glass separating you from the giant boa constrictor can actual take before shattering… Lead you to realize that the sign that says DO NOT BANG ON GLASS is actually something the museum means, how funny it watching your kid “milk” a cow…

… and lastly and probably most importantly we learned taking your child to a Children’s Museum results in one exhausted kid!    

  Parents 1 – Jackson 7,376

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