The Great Escape

I guess this is a normal progression. Kid rolls over… Kid crawls… Kid walks… Kid opens up doors and lets himself out? How long before he grabs the car keys and goes on a joy ride around he neighborhood? I’m surprised he hasn’t he fallen down a full flight of stairs as he begins “exploring” his freedom and independence.

What else do they make to prevent your child from showing off how great of an escape artist he is? We have gates and crates and fences… Do I need to start using chicken wire or putting shock collar on him to prevent him from leaving the yard like Buster and Max?  Thank the lord we don’t have any doggie doors in this house otherwose I’m sure he’d squeez his little but through one and run for the hills!

Moral of the story: Kids be crazy. I know my son isn’t the only sneaky one… But this is getting ridiculous.

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