Are You Not Entertained?!!?!

Are You Not Entertained?!!?
There are books and magazines and articles and blogs that tell you the how tough the parent life is.  There’s poop and boogers and doctors appointments with more shots than one person should ever require resulting in tears from not until the end of days. There’s college funds that require you to take out a second mortgage on your house (and that’s just for a state school), there’s having ZERO time to yourself. 

I get it. I get it all. But how can you ever think the above outweighs the HOURS upon HOURS of free entertainment that a child provides you.  

Remember when visiting a family member in the hospital was a drag… I mean don’t get me wrong, I love spending time with Grammy… She’s pretty much Betty White old lady cool, but hospitals and rehab centers can be a real downer… (Think Adam Sandler’s grandma being forced to sew wallets to sell in Happy Gilmore).  

Well, now with a child I have my very own CrossFit competition to keep me entertained… get the kid a walker and set him loose. It’s fun for everyone.  

   What’s the worst part of going out to dinner? Obviously is that’s awkward waiting period between ordering and getting your food. You’ve already talked about everything there is to talk about, you’ve tried your hardest to not pick your phone up, but have checked Facebook, Twitter and your ESPN app 17 times. Other than sitting in silence or people watching what else is there to do? 

 Now I finally have an answer to that question.  

Kids: keeping parents entertained since the beginning of time!

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