Get Out of Jail Free

I’ve realized having a son is and will continue to be one of the most amazing feelings in the world. It’s a joy that doesn’t have an equal. But I’ve also realized a kid will take everything you value, everything you hold dear and hulk smash it on the ground and then, for good measure, pick it up and launch it across the room. It’s a complicated balance of goods and bads.  But, the upside is tremendous high.  

I’m not referring to how amazing it is to see your son smile when you walk in the door or the cute way they experience new things… What I’m talking about is the lifetime GET OUT OF JAIL FREE card.  

As a parent it’s our right to blame every screw up and mistake on them… Case in point… 

“I’m not sure how he put a hole in the wall, I left him alone for one second?!!?” 

I literally turned around to grab something off the counter and he ripped the radiator off the wall! One of his toys must have gotten stuck underneath it?!!  


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