Back to the Future: The Future is Now

Sorry Son: Chronicles of a New Dad

We waited and waited to have a child, because to us… mom and I… we wanted to make sure we were close enough to 2015 for the little guy to grow up.  “Why,” you might ask? Uhh… have you seen Back to the Future II. About 25 years ago, Back to the Future II made some bold predictions about what life would look like in 2015. We were promised so many amazing things by Marty and Doc Brown, things that we are still waiting for. Sadly, we still need roads and I have to still tie my own shoes.

This issue has caused consumer confusion, advertising and production inconsistencies, massive increase in demand, but more importantly a backlog on supply. This is a major problem. I need to ensure that Jackson has the best of the best and the best of the best is what was promised to me…

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