The King and Queen of Westeros, CT

What kind of father sets their kid up on blind dates at a year old?  Are arranged marriages even still a part of today’s day to day society?  If so… then PHEW!  

We don’t live in Westeros and the closest thing to an Iron Throne that I sit on is in my bathroom… But lately I feel like everyone is trying to call dibs on Jackson for their duaghters!

Since the day Jax was born I feel like  all he does is become friends with as many little ladies as possible.  Just look at the list, 90% of our friends had daughters.  

Jax got a chance to meet another future wife option last night.  Luna tr little nugget was born last month to great friends Jay and Brea.  The introduction was typical of a first date and women in general… Luna wasn’t ready (relax I’m kidding… Sort of!).  As a matter of fact she was still sleeping!  

It’s always a lot of fun attempting to get a six week old and one year old to play together.  Jax was happy rolling around on the exercise ball while Luna napped.  (We also found out Jax likes eating gloves!)

Who knows maybe years from now Luna and Jax will wind up ruling the Seven Kingdoms.  I guess we’ll have to wait and see.  (Although, if that does happen I call dibs on the Lannister fortune!)



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