The Little Things

Things haven’t been easy lately. Between work, hours and hours of traffic and little alone time, the need to embrace the little things has become so much more important then usual.

So I put together a short list of things both mom and I are trying to enjoy when they occur.

-Laughter: that belly laugh is becoming more of a common occurrence and we’re enjoying every second of it if we can. Of course he never laughs for anyone but me. Dad makes a funny face… “Hahahahahaa.” Mom makes a funny face… “Huh? What’s wrong with your face?”
*Update: Mom is all over this belly laugh this week. She squeaks the high chair toy and all of a sudden the kid is in stitches… “Haahaahaaaha!”

-Realxing: the little hyperactive jumping bean hardly ever wants to sit still so when he does I’m all over it. (Lay in bed and stare at each other? Count me in).

-Do something for longer than 12 seconds: this kid’s attention span is shorter than mine, so getting him to do something long enough to be able to pee is heaven.

-Sleep past 5:30 AM. Oh yes. Lovely.

-Realizing Jax has just done something for the first time:

Steph, he just looked at me when I called his name!!!

No he didn’t.

Jackson… (Pause)… Jackson… (Second pause)… Come on Jax show mom. Come on dude, do it. He did do it, honestly.

Of course he did.


No words can appropriately describe the cuteness this kid exudes.

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