Nighttime Routines

Night time routines have become like clockwork here lately… A perfect and systematic approach to sleep preparation.

When we imagined how sleepy time would happen we saw the twinkling stars as Jackson lay peacefully in his comfortable bed as soft lullabies played in the background. Jax would slowly drift off into dreamland as his slate blue eyes closed and he faded into the darkness of night.

We would just sit in the family room, mom in her kerchief and I in my cap. We would share stories of our day. I’d sip on herbal tea as she listed all the things she loves about me.

It would be pure nirvana.

We get him fed, bathed and ready for bed at 7:00 as per our amazing unbreakable routine.

It’s all about the routine. Phone could ring, text messages are buzzing… Hell Ed McMahon could show up at the door with an oversized check from Publisher’s Clearing House and we are not missing our set bed time.

Routine is everything.

Everything is perfect… It’s 7:01 Jax is laying in that adorable way where one arm is folded like Gumby in what looks like an extremely painful way to sleep, but ensures us he is out. The noise machine is humming, we tiptoe out and can just taste that herbal tea.

Then… Dogs bark.

Crying ensues.

Me: it’s fine there’s someone walking a dog outside they’ll stop in a second.

Wife: I don’t care… Shut them up before he gets up.

10 minutes later: Dogs cease barking and Jax is still crying.

Wife: I hate when he cries, I feel so bad.

Me: I know, me too

5 minutes later:

Wife: Maybe he just needs someone to rub his back.

Me: do you want me to go?

Wife: Well, no… Then he gets used to that.

Me: I guess we can wait a few minutes.

3 minutes and 37 seconds later


Wife: He’s so cute when he’s sleeping isn’t he?

Me: I know, I can’t even take it.

43 seconds later

Kujo and his little brother begin waking the neighborhood again. We both immediately freeze in our spots and cringe in silence and stare at each other.


Dogs are now chasing each other around the kitchen and barking.

More cringing.

More nothing…

Finally: everyone is quiet and sleep ensues for everyone in this routine rich household.

Without even thinking twice we both pass up on the romantic conversation and tea… And crash on the bed… It’s our turn to try to get some shut eye.

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