The Art of Fantasy Football Smack Talk


Dear Jackson,

One day I want you to be well versed in the art of fantasy football insults. Fantasy smack or trash-talk…whatever you call it is vital to the experience and vital to success. When you play fantasy football for as long as I have you’ll realize that trash talk skills are directly related to fantasy football skills and more so related to over all intelligence.

Most significant others don’t get it. Your amazing mommy is one of them. She just doesn’t get why I’m up at 1230 on a Monday night texting. Well… This weeks match up came down to two players on the last drive if the game… That’s why.

There is nothing better than ending a smack talk conversation with what you know your opponent be would bring up. Eminem 8 Mile style when he destroys Papa Doc

When you can bring in props and/or outside people it’s a win/win. The best tactic to use is your 4 month old son to prove a point.

I know we will work on developing your skills as you grow into the little fantasy football legend I know you will become.


Dad (AKA: The Commish, 2X LOS Champion, Fantasy Football Legend)

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